Mission possible / by Ashlee Lindvall


I recently carved and installed a beautiful worktop for a kitchen island for a private project in Gamla Väster in Malmö. The worktop was made from a solid block of Breccia Imperiale - a beautiful (and very expensive!)stone from Brazil and measured 4 metres long and weighed 350 kilograms.  The biggest challenge however, was to place the worktop in the kitchen, which is situated at the top of the townhouse, on the third floor mezzanine.

After closing off the street, using a large crane we hoisted the worktop over the building. This enabled us to lower it into the kitchen via a large skylight.  Any damage to the worktop would have resulted in remaking the piece at great cost, not to mention months of waiting for delivery of a new piece of stone, but after a few tense hours it was safely in place, without a scratch.

Do you dream of a showpiece in stone for your home? Whatever the stone or constraints, we're always up for the challenge!